To pursue the need for personnel who are employed by a Member Company or Sole Traders (Contractors) that handle glass and/or give advice on the installation of glass, to formally gain qualifications with respect to their knowledge of ASl288-2006, Glass in Buildings.

Upon completion of the assigned training, a Competency award will be supplied to the successful Applicant. A company that employs a person with AS1288 competency may apply for company accreditation.


  • To ensure that best industry practices are promoted throughout the State of NSW.
  • To ensure quality workmanship and correct materials are used to minimize potential injury and subsequent damages.
  • To prove to personnel in official positions and the consumer that the individual has recorded a level of Competency and the company has received a level of Accreditation.
  • To prove that the individual and/or company are financial Members of the NSW GGA.


  • Each successful Individual will receive a Competency ID Card.
  • Each successful Company will receive an Accreditation Certificate.
  • ALL Accredited Companies will have their details displayed on the NSWGGA web site.
  • Accreditation No. can be used for advertising purposes and the NSWGGA Logo should be included.

TRAINING: Introductory Course

  • Training is available to ALL Members and will be held at various metropolitan and region areas.
  • Each session is a full day and costs $150for Members. Price includes the cost of sitting the exam and a light lunch.
  • Each attendee should bring their own calculator, pen, pad and copy of AS1288- 2006.

ALL inquiries should be directed to the Secretary’s office.


  • Each Company and Sole Trader MUST be a Financial Member of NSWGGA.
  • Each Member Company MUST have at least ONE (1) individual within their employ who holds a current Competency ID Card.
  • Should a Member who employs only one (1) Competency ID card holder and that individual leaves their employment, then within 30 days the Member MUST have a further employee sit and pass the Accreditation Test. Failure to comply will see the Member have its Accreditation temporally or permanently suspended.
  • It is the responsibility of the Competency ID Card holder to advise NSWGGA of any changes to their position regarding employment, address etc. Failure to comply will see the individual have their Competency criteria temporally or permanently suspended
  • Should a Member resign from the NSWGGA or fail to renew their Membership, then they will forfeit ALL Accreditation status.
  • An individual’s Competency ID card will remain in force for a period of 2 years, albeit at the discretion of the individual’s employer and Executive Committee of the NSWGGA.
  • A Member’s Accreditation Certificate will be renewable on an Annual basis and will form part of the cost of Membership of the NSWGGA.


  • Cost per individual for Introductory Training and exam $150 (member) and $250 (non-member)
  • Lost, damaged or Stolen Competency cards: $20.00 each for renewal.